Tria2000 revolutionises product data distribution with a Catalog powered by CADENAS

Tria2000 and CADENAS simplify the product selection and purchasing process

Tria2000 is a company that has been operating in the anti-vibration sector for more than twenty years. One of the characteristics that distinguishes it on the market, in addition to its competitiveness, is the great flexibility of its offer and the production of special items for any production process. Furthermore, it has a well-stocked warehouse, and in addition offers its customers the possibility of placing scheduled orders, which are useful for warranting on-time deliveries according to production requirements.

The entire range of vibration dampers is currently available on the platform:

  • Bell antivibration (with hole, with nut and with strain relief nut, square)
  • Cylindrical antivibration (FF, MF, MM, PF, PM, Conical and Bent)
  • Rectangular support antivibration
  • Antivibration Mount W
  • Antivibration Mount Z

In order to meet the needs of its customers at best, Tria2000 made the potential of CADENAS available, allowing CAD data to be downloaded immediately and efficiently. The CADENAS platform simplified the data distribution process.

With the new CAD Catalog, Tdesigners can download the Tria 2000 products they need in 150 native and neutral CAD formats in a few easy steps and then use them immediately in their designs.

The availability of products in all the most common CAD formats on the market facilitates the process of searching for and selecting components useful for design, allowing Tria2000 to reach an increasingly broad and diverse customer base with state-of-the-art technical service.

Furthermore, the new tool allows Tria2000 to enhance its visibility and reach new customers in faraway countries where the company was not yet present.

The satisfaction of company owners Fabrizio Fuggi and Matteo Giudici is clear: "The CADENAS platform has enabled Tria2000 to make an important tool available to its customers. Thanks to the practicality of searching on the platform, customers can quickly find the component they need for their production process. Each article has a detailed 3D preview and extensive metadata. This allows designers to ensure that the product fits perfectly into the specific application and thus avoid errors, hence streamlining the entire process."

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