Versa Products launches 3D CAD selector for V-Series Valves

A global control valve manufacturer adds 3D CAD selector for engineers to instantly access information and CAD data for modular brass valves

Versa Products launched an all-new interactive 3D CAD selector download capability on their website. Built by CADENAS, this tool enables design engineers to gain instant access to necessary information and CAD models for V-Series directional control valves, adding accuracy and accelerating design cycles for manufacturers specifying these components.

Versa manufactures pneumatic and hydraulic control valves for automation systems. Whether it’s oil and gas, automation, mobile pneumatics, bulk handling, pulp and paper, woodworking, chemical processing, utilities, food, municipal services applications and even space exploration, Versa valves are sourced by engineers around the world who rely on their quality and durability.

Versa Products is well-known for V-Series brass directional control valves, which are versatile and rugged, standing up to years of heavy use in the toughest environments around the world.

“We are best known for our quality and service,” says Jan Larsson, President and CEO at Versa. “Our V-Series modular brass directional control valves are used in a host of application and operate trouble-free. Our customers are confident in our products, service, and delivery as are we. Now, we’re expanding our services with digital delivery for product data and we know our engineering customers will be excited.”

In the past, engineers contacted Versa through phone and email, or made contact through a distributor to get information and CAD models for Versa products. Now, engineers can configure a V-Series valve online, get detailed information, preview the part in a 3D CAD selector, and download in the format they need.

Larsson adds, “this new product configurator is all about self-service. We want engineers to have instant access to the information they need so they can focus on the important work that needs to be done.”

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