Webinars 2024: Now it's your turn!

Join us in creating an exciting program

In order to further increase the quality of our content this year, we are now consulting those who can best evaluate it: our network of experts, users and manufacturers!

We want to make sure that our program matches your interests and needs exactly: digital twins, resource-saving production or ESG criteria - what are you actually most interested in?

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Now it's your turn!

By participating in our short survey, you have the opportunity to have a direct influence on our webinar program. Let us know which topics you are most interested in. Your vote plays a crucial role in our topic planning and helps us to create customized content that can really make a difference in your professional life - with just a few clicks!

We are counting on your expertise and interest to make 2024 a landmark year in our webinar offering. Let's work together to ensure that we cover exactly the topics that are of greatest importance to you.

Thank you in advance and we look forward to your suggestions!

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