Whose models have the most attractive body? PARTcloud 3D Sharing Challenge looks for the best user generated 3D objects!

CADENAS rewards the most exciting uploads with an Amazon gift vouchers

PARTcloud Challenge by CADENAS

Since August, PARTcommunity is equipped with the new PARTcloud function: This 3D Sharing Platform allows users to share original content with colleagues, friends an other PARTcommunity members. Now, CADENAS hosts the PARTcloud 3D Sharing Challenge.

Upload, share and win

PARTcloud 3D Sharing PlattformParticipation in the PARTcloud 3D Sharing Challenge is really easy: Every PARTcommunity user may upload as many 3D CAD models as he likes in the universal STL and STEP formats at http://b2b.partcommunity.com/community/partcloud/ In regard to content, everything is possible – starting with clever 3D scans of everyday objects to 3D CAD reproductions of buildings or a functional model of a Diesel motor. The CADENAS Jury awards the three most exiting, interesting and/or witty submissions with one Amazon gift vouchers each worth 40 Euros.

Increase your chances with more submissions

Every PARTcommunity user of age may participate in the PARTcloud 3D Sharing Challenge. To upload your project, you only need a meaningful designation, a short description and to choose a relevant category. The number of submissions per participant is not restricted. Those who want to increase their chances are allowed to post several submissions in the same or different categories.

The challenge, which will end September 19th 2014, can be found at http://b2b.partcommunity.com/community/challenges. A detailed guide on the participation is available at http://b2b.partcommunity.com/community/challenge/23/partcloud-launch.

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