Even more user-friendliness awaits the operators of the CADENAS platforms 3Dfindit and The portals for 3D CAD, CAE and BIM models are now also available as Progressive Web Apps (PWA). This means they combine the best of a website with the advantages of an app.

Hardly any other industry has undergone such far-reaching change in recent times as the construction industry. Reason enough to take a closer look at the overarching themes on World Architecture Day.

CADENAS fulfils the desire of planners and craftsmen for uncomplicated implementation of BIM in heating and sanitary installations. For this purpose, the company cooperates with two established industry associations to bundle expert knowledge.

For its 50th anniversary, ZPAS presents its customers and itself with CAD, CAE and BIM-capable 3D models of its IT solutions and cabinets. They accelerate and simplify the work for designers and ZPAS employees.

The DIAMOND Project is working on a Common Data Model for industry. To make it a success, as many companies as possible must use it in the future. Participate in the survey and help shaping the common data structure of tomorrow!

Practical experience plays an important role in the education of young engineers at the Osnabrück university of applied sciences. So that they can start their professional life well prepared later, the professors make PARTsolutions from CADENAS available to their students.

CADENAS is adding to the programme of the BIM Tage Deutschland 2023 under the motto "Let's Build Together". Over four days, the organisers, speakers and participants will discuss and answer the question of how BIM can help to overcome the current challenges of the construction industry.