Bortolin Kemo adopted CADENAS' solution for intelligent part and code management to optimise production costs. Thanks to the collaboration with CADENAS, the company achieved tangible benefits, such as the reduction of duplicate parts, and intangible benefits, such as increased forecasting capacity.

A new function on 3Dfindit facilitates the work of building designers who use Autodesk Revit. From now on, they can generate BIM-enabled components in numerous variants as entire Revit families on the platform. This has great advantages for the planning process.

In order for more road users to switch to electric cars in the future, a nationwide charging infrastructure is missing. KEBA and CADENAS increase the speed of the mobility turnaround by accelerating the planning process for charging stations. 

The Asset Administration Shell is advancing to become the new industry standard. At the Hannover Messe 2023, the group, of which CADENAS is also a member, presented a current interim status of their work based on a concrete use case.

The integration of CAD models on ROYME's website simplifies the selection and purchasing process for international customers. This improves the company's visibility and enables it to reach new customers in distant countries. In addition, the availability of CAD models simplifies the design and manufacturing process, improving the efficiency of their production process.

Last year, CADENAS has again set standards in the industry and provided customers with innovative solutions in the course of digital transformation. In our annual customer magazine we summarize the most important achievements for you.

The new and updated solutions facilitate the work of electrical engineers and speed up the design process

Young talents can submit their design and development projects online until July 31, 2023. The most promising design will be awarded a total of 4,500 euros. In addition, the winner will receive the opportunity and support to put his project into practice.