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Na CADENAS Industry Forumu, poznate tvrtke pokazale su kako optimizirati inženjerske i nabavne procese s PARTSolutions-om u najboljoj praksi.


Support of Siemens Line Designer & Automation Designer & Mechatronic Concept Designer with Digital Twin by CADENAS

  • Planing production lines and automation with Concept Design Phase up to the VC without media discontinuities
  • Requirements for the Digital Twin with commercially used parts and assemblies

Optimized SAP procurement process with CADENAS GEOsearch

  • Make or Buy - quicker to make or to procure
  • Smart(er) Purchasing - who made what similar part and when?
  • Reuse - product creation process supported by GEOsearch

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Implementation of the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions at Stadler Rail

  • Motivation for the implementation of a parts managment system
  • Challenges for Stadler
  • Outlook

The Digital Twin within the Industrial Internet of Things

  • Collective strength: Collaborative solutiosn of PTC and CADENAS
  • Added value data as a base for future proof applications
  • The digital twin in Augmented Reality

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Munich’s student Hyperloop team: streamlining design for the second competition

  • The first 200 mph Hyperloop pod in six months
  • From sketch to reality with intelligent part search
  • Utilizing PARTsolutions in a small organization

See and hear again with the help of standard parts: success story of a portable surgical microscope for developing countries

  • From idea to realisation

  • Benefits and application worldwide

  • Standard parts in engineering and participation in the German Standard Parts Award (Deutscher Normteile Award)

CADENAS PURCHINEERING & ARAS Innovator. How Intelligent finding can increase reuse and minimize part duplication

  • Benefit of the Strategic Parts Management integrated in ARAS Innovator
  • ARAS integration in a Multi CAD environment
  • PURCHINEERING 2.0 in ARAS Processes to reduce duplicate parts

Support of plant and process engineering with intelligent parts from component libraries

  • Plant and process engineering with FASTSUITE Edition 2
  • Intelligent parts as a mechatronic component model
  • AutomationML as a neutral format for "intelligent" parts

Integration of the CADENAS standard and purchased parts system in TENADO CAD software

  • Seamless integration into the 3D products TENADO CAD and TENADO METAL
  • CADENAS replaces the parts library in all TENADO 2D products

Classification 2.0 - Parametric reference model instead of manual classification

  • Problems in building a consistent classification system using traditional methods
  • Parametric reference model based on the geometric properties of component classes
  • Consideration of further features e.g. number and size of drill holes

Innovations in PARTsolutions version 12 and outlook to future versions


Collaborative Parts Management with PTC Navigate and PARTsolutions from CADENAS

  • PARTsolutions integration in Windchill based on PTC Navigate
  • Usecase example for Role Based Apps GEOsearch, Parts catalog, Classification assistance

Ryerson's International Hyperloop Team uses AIA NAS 3D digital standards to accelerate design process

  • Hyperloop
  • 3D Digital
  • Standards

Intelligent finding of parts by the HAAS-Gruppe powered by CADENAS

  • Parts reduction and parts reusage
  • Geometric similarity search regarding Geo and Windchill
  • Fit for Future

Intelligent finding and classification in PARTsolutions as shown in the example from BHS Corrugated Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH

  • Optimisation of the search time in the construction
  • Synchronise classifications of SAP in PARTsolutions
  • Forecast

Implementation of repeated parts management and GEOsearch at Wolf Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH

  • Optimisation of company parts searching with SolidWorks & ePDM via GEOsearch
  • SAP link to PARTsolutions purchased parts management (Coupling between engineering & purchasing)
  • New workflow and resulting benefits

Shaping standard part managment for a large enterprise with PARTsolutions by CADENAS

  • Deployment
  • Strategy
  • Enterprise

Efficient parts managment with SAP Engineering Control Center and PARTsolutions from CADENAS

  • Parts management in SAP
  • Managing standard and catalog parts in SAP
  • Reusing of standard parts
  • Management of parts in a Multi CAD environment

Overview of the latest innovations of the Geometric Similarity Search GEOsearch by CADENAS

  • Attachment Parts Search & Partial Search
  • Classification of self-designed parts
  • Live Search
  • New duplicate reports
  • Benefits proven through user statistics

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IHS Markit & CADENAS Partnership - Industry Standard Parts

  • IHS Markit products for engineering
  • Partnership IHS Markit and CADENAS
  • Benefits for the users in PARTsolutions with Live Demo

Innovations in PARTsolutions version 11 and outlook to future versions

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How the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions by CADENAS supports GE Oil & Gas Turbomachinery Solutions

  • Management of standard and commercial parts for mechanical & electronic engineering
  • PARTsolutions integrated in NX and Teamcenter
  • Manage costs earlier in the design phase

Digitisation in the field of mechanical engineering: Siemens MCD & intelligent purchased parts from CADENAS

  • Early mechatronic simulation in construction and development with the help of CADENAS' Smart Parts
  • Reuse of simulation objects and "intelligent" catalog parts
  • Outlook for the virtual commissioning with the Mechatronics Concept Designer

How to prepare the migration from Ideas to NX?

  • Planung und Realisierung einer neuen Systemumgebung
  • Migration der PARTsolutions Eigenteile (Daten und Geometrie)
  • Planung der Migration von Baugruppen

Reuse of CAD data utilizing PARTsolutions technology

  • Gain standard part data visibility across all systems
  • Guide selection of company approved standard and supplier parts
  • Achieve greater order accuracy and procurement efficiency

Strategic Parts Management global

  • Parts management at SMS group
  • Use of PARTapplication server
  • Challenges & difficulties

Parts management with SAP Engineering Control Center in a multi CAD area

  • Create standard parts and purchased parts in SAP
  • Find existing parts - search methods
  • Manage parts from different CAD systems

Innovations potential of the Engineering Newcomer Challenge

  • Introduction of the Engineering Newcomer Challenge
  • Received contributions & results
  • Standards vs. no standards

Classification 2.0 – Parametric reference model vs. manual classification

  • Traditional classification based on the example of a plant engineering company
  • Intelligent finding
  • Classification 2.0 (incl. Livedemo)

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Greater efficiency in purchasing and construction - Parts Management in an open source environment

  • ERP catalog integration
  • Master data and standard parts management
  • OpenSource company software

Innovations in PARTsolutions version 11 and outlook to future versions

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Implementation of the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions by CADENAS at AMAZONE

  • Motivation of implementation
  • PLM environment and product development spread over different sites
  • Project plan, current status and vision

PURCHINEERING 2.0 optimizes the purchasing and engineering process at the same time without additional effort for engineers and purchasers

  • Fully automated background process
  • Reduces the creation of new parts
  • Increases the reuse rate of parts
  • Reduces costs and optimizes processes

Improvements and optimizations at the ZF Friedrichshafen AG through the strategic parts management PARTsolutions

  • Accelerated cost-optimized design process
  • Data synchronization with the PLM system Agile
  • PARTcommunity Enterprise - in-house portal for suppliers and external service providers

Find, search and reuse - Repetitive parts management with PTC Windchill and the strategic parts management PARTsolutions

Classification of materials with SAP and PARTsolutions - How does it work?

  • Synchronisation of data
  • Receiving material short texts by rules
  • Combining added value of both systems

ENOVIA V6 and PARTsolutions - Multi CAx as challenge for managing standard parts on the example of CATIA V5, CATIA V6 and NX

  • Factory standards
  • Interaction of CATIA V6 and PLM
  • Practice example: Mutual data base via Multi CAx

How engineers can benefit from social media for their work

  • Exchange ideas in engineering
  • Present your solution portfolio at the market
  • Find suitable engineering service provider

The Innovative Geosemantic Approach to Material Master Data Management and Governance

  • MDM
  • Semantics
  • Data governance
  • Geometrical Search
  • Classification

Feature and topology detection - Greater possibilities with Capvidia extension and PARTsolutions

  • Overview PARTsolutions extensions with Capvidia technology
  • Advantages of Feature- and Topology detection at the Strategic Parts Management
  • Access to nativ 3D CAD data with automatic repair for PARTsolution

Innovations in PARTsolutions Version 10 and outlook for future versions

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Introduction, use & added value of PARTsolutions at the “Süddeutschen Gelenkscheiben Fabrik“ (SGF) in cooperation with CIM DATABASE

  • Basis for decision-making for using PARTsolutions
  • Interface between PARTsolutions and CIM DATABASE
  • Conclusion

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CADENAS PARTsolutions as perfect complement to the SAP PLM system

  • What brought about the decision for PARTsolutions?
  • Which goals should be achieved this way?
  • Using Geometric Search and check for duplicate copies to reduce and consolidate parts

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  • Increase profits
  • Reduce conflicts of interests
  • Create standards

Use standard- and supplier parts effectively in SAP – added value through seamless integration

  • Efficient parts management in SAP
  • Interaction of PARTsolutions, NX and SAP
  • Added value through process integration

Proactive reuse in the engineering process

  • Active cost saving due to reduction of duplicate copies
  • PLM supported suggestion system for similar parts
  • Transparent view of identical parts in the release workflow

Intelligent Finding made easy

  • 3D GEOsearch, Full-text Search, Assistent Search & Requirement Search
  • Improved search results through combination of search methods
  • Search via appserver - high performant and across different sites

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PARTsolutions as Technical Search Engine

  • Use of PARTsolutions Intelligent Finding tools
  • Compare all GDM part numbers (approx. 500.000 items and 160.000 3D models)

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Connecting CADENAS GEOsearch to SAP with CIDEON

  • Geometric Similarity Search in SAP documents
  • Simple research und direct subsequent reuse
  • Automated fill-in of GEOsearch contents

Design guidelines – Reduce working effort and create ressources for advancement

  • Reasons for design guidelines
  • Optimizing processes
  • Basis for the implementation of new requirements (software implementation)

Promoting know-how in the field of software applications and component selection in the technical training by means of CADENAS software solutions

  • Insight into the technical training on the example of the Technical College in Mühlhausen
  • Promotion of young talents with eCHALLENGES for educational projects
  • Raising awareness for standard- and supplier catalogs

Mechatronic component search for electrical design

  • How do CADENAS' Electronic Product Catalogs help to search and create component files for the ECAD system E3
  • Supporting data transfer with ECLASS 8 Advanced
  • Using data for circuit, cable and fluid diagrams and control cabinet layouts
  • How does the ECAD user profit

Innovations in PARTsolutions version 9.8 and outlook to future versions

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Identification of individual parts in assemblies per 3D scan and geometric similarity search

  • Content research project Reverse Engineering
  • Results of search for 3D scan data
  • Future potential of part recognition

CADENAS – The first year: Implementation and standardization with PARTsolutions

  • Standardization
  • Implementation
  • Personalization

The PDM connection as beginning of strategic parts managements

  • Implementation of requirements
  • Procedure during indtroduction
  • First experiences

Simplification of the planning process through implementation of interactive product configurator at Hans Georg Brühl GmbH

  • Introduce products and the current order process
  • Changes through implementation of product configurator
  • Further improvement potential in processes

Intelligent systems in use – Cross-system workflows increase efficiency

  • PLM/DMS as company-wide information platform
  • Cost minimization through cross-process workflows
  • Buy instead of manufacturing with CADENAS GEOsearch

GEOsearch for Extended Enterprise - Project Report and Live Demo

  • GEOsearch WEB Portal for external supplier
  • Target & Solution
  • Realization for Airbus Supply SPAN Portal

Parts Reduction and Part Reuse with PLM

  • Why PLM & classification?
  • Development of mechatronic products with PRO.FILE
  • Integration of CADENAS GEOsearch into PRO.FILE

Find standard, sales and supplier parts quick and easy with the intelligent CADENAS search methods

  • Overview of the search methods: Search by 2D sketch, geometrical similarity search, topology search, etc.
  • From the designed finished part to the matching raw part
  • Multi level search procedures with the Cloud Navigator

Virtualization in the workplace for CATIA, NX & Co.

  • Virtualization solutions for CAD workstations with Citrix XenDesktop and Dell

Increase of efficiency with classification and high quality of master data

  • Requirements for an improved data quality and automatic classification
  • Enhance, synchronize and keep classification up-to-date
  • Integration of PARTsolutions, PARTdatacenter, ClassCockpit and SAP

Innovations in PARTsolutions Version 9.5 and outlook for future versions

Unfortunately the script for this presentation is not available


Making Standard Parts Interoperability a Reality at Boeing and Lessons Learned on the Journey

  • Boeing History: Proliferation of Standard Parts
  • Realizing the Vision: Update on our progress
  • Lessons Learned: Obstacles to implementing in a company the size of Boeing

Engineering Cost Reduction with CADENAS for Enterprise Customers of Siemens PLM Software

  • Integration of CADENAS with NX and Teamcenter from Siemens PLM Software
  • Strategies for accelerating product development using SPLM and CADENAS tools
  • Cost benefits of integrated PARTsolutions/NX/Teamcenter environment

PARTsolutions with Teamcenter, SAP and CAD

  • Project implementation
  • Outlook parts management 20xx

PURCHINEERING – Optimized cooperation of purchasing and engineering

  • Definition of preferred parts and suppliers and avoidance of Maverick Buying
  • Analysis of parts in regard to in-house productions vs. outsourcing (Make or Buy)
  • Selection of the ideal supplier in consideration of production location (Global Sourcing)
  • Selection of components and suppliers in consideration of technical and economic properties

Classification of all material masters in PARTsolutions and SAP using the example of wind energy plant manufacturer REpower SE

  • Assembly of the classification
  • Implementation of the different departments
  • Outlook

PARTcommunity - Technology for innovative 3D CAD download portals

  • Intelligent Features in version 2.0
  • Outlook planned innovations in version 3.0

PARTdatamanager - Strategic element in the CAD - PDM - environment

  • Portal for repeat parts
  • Cross-plant data management
  • Integration in CAD and PDM

The necessity of system integration in times of growing information flow

  • Bidirectional interface between CADENAS and keytech
  • One-time definition of data in companies
  • Provide information across all systems

TOOL4Search - A Combination of Classified Search and Geometric Similarity Search in Cooperation with CADENAS GEOsearch

  • Increase of reuse and variant design
  • Perfect solution for calculation and design in tool-making and mold-making industries as well as plastics and die-casting industries


Strategic Parts Management with PARTsolutions at MAN Truck & Bus AG

  • Goals of Strategic Parts Management
  • PARTsolutions areas of use within the MAN Truck & Bus AG
  • Content and integration of PARTsolutions within the MAN Truck & Bus AG

Product development and Supplier Integration Across Locations at ELWEMA Automotive GmbH

  • Introduction to Inventor and PARTsolutions
  • Connection to the ERP system proAlpha via CA-Link
  • Cooperation with external engineering firms via PARTcommunity

PARTsolutions Topology Search: The Last Building Block to Replacing a Classification in a Company

  • Presentation of the new search options with v9.02 (Focus on Topological Search)
  • Practical example based on native data from Liebherr (approx. 25.000 single parts)
  • Best Practice in developing a search database for customer specific design data

PDM: Key for Successful Management of the Corporate-wide Product Data

  • Master data and parts management
  • Reuse, transparency, integrated network
  • Standard parts management

Sourcineering - Purchasing and Engineering Hand-in-Hand in the Future

  • Value-added contribution of procurement
  • Optimization lever
  • Supplier and parts consolidation

CADENAS' Geometric Similarity Search in Cost Estimation in SAP

  • Flexible calculation of similar parts
  • Integrated offer-cockpit
  • Fast offers with versions and scale quantities

Introduction of CADENAS PARTsolutions and the Geometric Search for CATIA V5 and SmarTeam PLM

  • Keep part multiplicity in check with PARTsolutions and Keep part multiplicity in check with PARTsolutions and SmarTeam connection for CATIA V5
  • Find existing 3D similar parts and reuse via geometric similarity search
  • Outlook Integration of CATIA own parts library in PARTsolutions as central engineering point for company standards

Unfortunately the script for this presentation is not available

Standardization in the Context of PLM and ERP Processes

  • Standard and purchased parts in NX, Teamcenter and SAP ERP environments
  • Test case on basis of implemented customer scenarios


Successful cooperation between PARTsolution and AVEVA Plant (PDMS)

  • Prerequisites for integration of standard CAD parts in a planning system
  • Shortening of planning times through improved standardization
  • Display of results from hitherto existing cooperation

Implementation of SmarTeam, Navision and PARTsolutions in CAD Construction Design at MLOG Logistics

  • PDM implementation of SmarTeam together with CENIT AG
  • Linking the construction design department to the ERP system Navision
  • Implementation of PARTsolutions as parts management system

Integrated Master Data Management

  • Task, function and effect in company
  • Problems and risks in IT controlled processes
  • Quality is decisive for secure and economic processes

Reduction of variety, complexity and cost – extended requirements for research and education

  • Current-status analyses and potential checks
  • Method development, optimization concepts, simulation of solutions
  • Education and training

Variant reduction of connection elements using an example of a German automobile manufacturer – Goal or first start?

  • Tasks of the parts management system for supporting the variant reduction of connection elements
  • Standard parts assistance to support the user

Information networking at the Kärcher Synchronization of data from SAP, CATIA and PARTSolutions

  • Data exchange with Cadenas2SAP
  • Data transfer with the CENIT asynchronous interface


Bernhard Dicker
Bernhard Dicker
Robert Bosch GmbH

Zusammenarbeit und Standardisierung bei Bibliotheksteilen für den Sondermaschinenbau bei BOSCH

  • Einführung einer gemeinsamen Geschäftsbereichs-
    übergreifenden datenbankbasierten Norm- und Kaufteilbibliothek
  • Zusammenarbeit mit externen Dienstleistern
  • Ratio bei Beschaffung und Lagerhaltung durch Standardisierung
    von Norm- und Kaufteilen

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Robert Bosch GmbH
Devis Bandiera
Devis Bandiera
Solid World s.r.l.

Integrierte Daten in SolidWorks und PDM

PARTsolutions integriert mit SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Archivierung, Klassifzierung und automatische Prozesse.
LibWorks die neue Schnittstelle PARTsolutions in SolidWorks
  • Eigenschaften von PARTsolutions integriert in SolidWorks
  • Integration mit SolidWorks Enterprise PDM

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Solid World s.r.l.
Darwin G. Reed
Darwin G. Reed
The Boeing Company

Part Standards - Ich benötige sie jetzt, ich benötige sie in dem gewünschten Format

  • Überwinden von Kompatibilitätsproblemen mit PARTsolutions
  • Unterstützung der Teilestandardisierung von Boeing Company durch PARTsolutions
Moritz Kürten
Moritz Kürten
CENIT AG Systemhaus

Einführung der geometrischen Bauteilsuche bei AIRBUS mit heterogener CAD/PDM-Infrastruktur - Erfahrung und Ausblick

  • Projektanforderungen
  • Pilotprojekte
  • Projektumsetzung und -Verlauf
  • Ausblick

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CENIT AG Systemhaus
Helmut Maier Helmut Maier
ICP Solution GmbH & Co.KG

Geo-Search ergänzt PLM Klassifizierung und modulare Produktstruktur

  • Zusammenwirken von Geo-Search und PLM für effiziente Produktinnovation
  • Optimale Ergänzung von Funktions- und Produktkategorien im PLM
  • Steigerung des wirtschaftlichen Nutzens von Geo-Search durch PLM Integration

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ICP Solution GmbH & Co.KG
Peter Zander
Peter Zander
LSW Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Einsparpotentiale im LSW Engineering- und Einkaufsprozess

  • Teilemanagement: der Weg zum Ziel
  • IT-Werkzeuge: SolidWorks, PRO.FILE, SAP, PARTsolutions & PARTcommunityZusätzlich: Geometrische Ähnlichkeitssuche und weiteres Sparpotential

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LSW Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Dr. Klaus Zamazal
Dr. Klaus Zamazal
AVL List GmbH

Neue Märkte, Neue Normen? Herausforderungen in einer OEM orientierten, heterogenen CAx Landschaft

  • CAx-Methoden
  • Effizienzsteigerung in der Konstruktion
  • Standart & Normteilverwaltung

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AVL List GmbH
Herr Bernd Postaremzcak
Herr Bernd Postaremzcak
SMS Demag

Teilemanagment im Anlagenbau

  • Organisation: Normung/Teilemanagement
  • Werkzeuge/Tools: PARTsolutions/eCATALOGsolutions
  • Ziele: Prozessorietierte Arbeitsweise, Teilereduktion, Standardisierung

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SMS Demag
Herr Peter Robl
Herr Peter Robl
ZF Passau

Nutzung von PARTsolutions in einem Verbund mit Produktions- und Entwicklungswerken

  • Aufbau eines Datenverbundes über 12 Werke auf 2 Kontinenten
  • Vernetzung der PS-Kataloge mit den strategischen Systemen axalant und SAP
  • Zugriff für externe Partner auf die internen PS-Kataloge mit dem Ziel bestehende Material- und Dokumentendaten zu nutzen

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ZF Passau
Herr Peter Zander
Herr Peter Zander
LSW Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Engineering Plattform für LSW Zulieferer

  • Einführung Teilemanagement CADENAS bei LSW
  • Integration in SolidWorks, PRO.FILE und SAP
  • Anbindung externer Zulieferer an LSW, PARTsolution@web

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LSW Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Herr Paulo Ferreira
Herr Paulo Ferreira
Documentation & Translation Services B.V.

Teilemanagement und Klassifikation des Teilespektrums bei der Niederländischen Gruppe STORK

  • Einführung von PARTsolutions als „visuelles Suchsystem" bei STORK PMT
  • Automatische Geometrieerzeugung von PARTsolutions Standard-/Zukaufteilen
  • Einsatz der „Geometrischen Ähnlichkeitssuche" für 3D Eigenfertigungsteile
  • Aktualisierung der Standard-/Zukaufteile (über PARTsolutions)

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Documentation&Translation Services B.V.
Herr Jürgen Wollgarten
Herr Jürgen Wollgarten
Dürr Ecoclean Monschau

Einführung von PARTsolutions bei der Duerr AG

  • Projekt Anforderungen
  • Benchmark verschiedenener Anbieter und Systeme
  • Projektumsetzung und -Verlauf

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Dürr Ecoclean Monschau
Herr Andreas Brömmelhaus
Herr Andreas Brömmelhaus
GmbH & Co. KG

PARTsolutions im Einsatz mit J-Karat, CATIA und
SmarTeam in der Produkt- und Prototypenkonstruktion
der Heck&Becker GmbH & Co. KG

Anforderungen, Probleme und Erfolge bei der PLM Einführung:
  • Erfahrungsbericht aus der Einführung von SmarTeam mit CATIA
  • Definition von klaren Design-Prozessen mit der daraus resultierenden ERP Anbindung (J-Karat)
  • Integration von PARTsolutions in diese Systemlandschaft
Heck&Becker GmbH & Co. KG
Herr Christian Frank
Herr Christian Frank

Effizientes Teilemanagement mit SAP und SmarTeam in der Betriebsmittelkonstruktion bei der BERU

AGPLM Erfahrungsbericht der BERU AG: PARTsolutions im Zusammenspiel mit SmarTeam, Inventor und SAP-MM in der Betriebsmittelkonstruktion: Von der ersten Idee über die Umsetzung bis zum produktiven Einsatz.

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Herr Michael Reber
Herr Michael Reber
ARRK Design & Development GmbH

Arbeiten mit Konturelementen durch CADENAS Software

  • Abgreifen von Konturdaten im CAD und Weiterverarbeitung in PARTsolutions

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ARRK Design & Development GmbH
Herr Dipl.- Ing. Joachim Röder
Herr Dipl.- Ing.
Joachim Röder
DSC Software AG

Teilemanagement mit SAP/PLM, Unigraphics und PARTsolutions

  • Zusammenspiel PLM, CAD und PARTsolutions
  • Prozessoptimierung mit Teilemanagement

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DSC Software AG
Herr Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Gerhard
Herr Dipl.-Ing.
Steffen Gerhard
SMS Demag AG

Integration von intelligentem Teilemanagement im Anlagenbau bei SMS Demag

  • Benchmark und Entscheidungsgründe
  • Einsatz und Integration bei SMS Demag
  • Nutzenpotentiale erkannt und realisiert

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  SMS Demag AG
Hr. Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Postaremczak
Hr. Dipl.-Ing.
Bernd Postaremczak
SMS Eumuco GmbH

Teilemanagement in einer MultiCAD-Umgebung und ERP-Systemwechsel


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SMS Eumuco GmbH
Hr. Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Karrer
Hr. Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Karrer

Quality-approved catalogues - Das CADENAS Qualitätssiegel:

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Hr. Dipl.-Ing. Claudius Stieber
Hr. Dipl.-Ing. Claudius Stieber
Andritz AG

Prozessoptimierung mit Teilemanagement im gesamten Unternehmen


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Andritz AG