As of now the PARTsolutions app for Windows 10 is available

Find components with your mobile device in an easy and fast way, in your own standard, supplier and self-designed parts world

Since April 2015, a mobile app version of CADENAS’ Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions is available to users. CADENAS now decided to offer the app as mobile and desktop version for Windows 10.

PARTsolutions App for Windows 10

PARTsolutions – The Strategic Parts Management for your pants pocket

“We constantly develop for our customers. Thus it was important to us to provide the PARTsolutions app to Windows 10 users“, Jürgen Heimbach, CEO of CADENAS, explained. “It is the first and only parts management app, making standard, supplier and self-designed parts together with ERP and CAD data available for mobile devices.“

As of now the PARTsolutions app for Windows 10 is available

Always handy – for projects or at meetings

For a long time, the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions has been supporting engineers effectively to find standard, supplier and self-designed parts in the company in an intelligent way, to manage them and reduce parts multiplicity, avoid duplicate copies and eventually save costs.

The new CADENAS app offers a multitude of different features to have PARTsolutions also at hand in meetings with your mobile device:

The planning phase of products gets a lot easier. Already during the first project planning discussions, engineers can look for suitable parts in the company with a tablet or smartphone. In doing so, finding components is fast and easy: The app has extensive intelligent search methods such as the Geometric Similarity Search or 2D sketch search. This way components are found quickly and simply by means of their CAD geometries and can be compared with each other. For this, the respective standard, supplier and self-designed parts can be displayed in a 3D preview.

Moreover, users can also call up ERP information about the components such as price, availability etc., from systems like SAP.

Mobile access, from the PARTsolutions app to data of the company owned parts management, is enabled by using the PARTapplication server for apps.

PARTsolutions for Windows 10

PARTsolutions App for Windows 10
For further information and the free download please visit the Microsoft Store

PARTsolutions in the Microsoft Store

Or get the app directly on the CADENAS homepage.

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