BeckerCAD 8 and CADENAS PARTcommunity: For a professional start into CAD design

3D CAD model from the download portal PARTcommunity

Millions of free 3D CAD models from CADENAS PARTcommunity

The high-performant AutoCAD compatible project, planning and design software for ambitious users includes more functions in its newest version BeckerCAD 8 as well as increased operating comfort and professional add-on modules for precise technical designs.

The new integration of CADENAS PARTcommunity Technologie into CAD software allows users free access to millions of 3D CAD models of standard and supplier parts from more than 300 renowned manufacturer catalogs.

Extensive profile solution for ambitious CAD projects

Data Becker 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity by CADENASRealistic display of CADENAS’ 2D and 3D CAD models make it easy for users of BeckerCAD software to create precise 2 dimensional drawings and rendered 3D models.

The proven CAD solution of the software manufacturer DATA BECKER is suitable for engineers from architecture and mechanical engineering, electronic technology and hobby users. Versatile import and export possibilities and compatibility to AutoCAD and CADdy++ mechanical engineering allow a seamless integration of CAD drawings into other programs.

Innovations of BeckerCAD 8 version for engineers:

  • Extended dimensioning like angles to coordination axis or distance dimension with gradient

  • Solid with wall strength for more precise, thin-walled elements

  • Import of different 3D graphic files for sophisticated presentations

  • Model view can be edited extensively

Das CADENAS PARTcommunity download portal portal is available for BeckerCAD customers directly under the following internet address:

For more information about BeckerCAD 8 software solution, please visit

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