CADENAS offers intelligent CAD models with pioneering technology

CAD models speed up design processes with numerous metadata – market competitors still rely on technology from the last century

CADENAS GmbH offers intelligent CAD models that go beyond pure geometry and contain important metadata such as kinematics information. While many competitors still rely on technologies from the last century and offer neutral CAD models, CADENAS makes Smart Catalogs available with 3D CAD data in native format. The CAD models can thereby be loaded directly into each CAD system and give engineers the opportunity to test motion sequences already in the CAD system.

Intelligent CAD models from CADENAS include the following information:

Intelligent Functions for 3D CAD models

CADENAS focuses on the most modern technology for 3D CAD models

ANDREAS MAIER GmbH & Co. KG relies on intelligent CAD models by CADENAS:

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