Integrate 3D CAD download portal now seamlessly into your website

Simplified and faster 3D CAD download for your customers

CADENAS is presenting a worldwide novelty with PARTcommunity embedded technology: The 3D CAD can now be seamlessly integrated without programming effort into the component manufacturer’s website with company specific design and layout. As a manufacturer of components, you can now directly integrate any element of CADENAS PARTcommunity technology for 3D CAD download portals into your company website. For instance, searching the desired component, having the product displayed or CAD download. Layout and design of PARTcommunity embedded can be defined manually via a backhand without requiring programing skills.

tl_files/cadenas/images/news/2013_10_22_PARTcommunity_embedded.jpgSimple CAD download directly into your website

Due to the new PARTcommunity embedded technology customers can now look for 3D CAD models directly on your company website, configure them or, for instance, have a 3D preview and a table with all component information displayed. This means customers are no longer distracted from your website by pop-ups or external links. Afterwards, engineers can import the 3D CAD models directly into their respective CAD system. The extensive CAD service can be operated in a very simple and intuitive way.

Seamless integration in the corporate design

The new PARTcommunity embedded technology allows to adjust the 3D CAD download area according to your individual needs and to address customers in the ideal way. PARTcommunity embedded is completely customized to your corporate design and thus seamlessly integrates into the existing website without requiring any changes.

Increase the amount of your 3D CAD downloads with this world novelty by CADENAS!

You can also profit from the innovative PARTcommunity embedded, which can be used for all Electronic Product Catalogs based on CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions technology. “Previous experience in USA with customer- specifically programmed embedded technology showed that seamless integration of the 3D CAD download portal into the own website leads to an increase of downloads by 50 %“, says Jürgen Heimbach, CEO at CADENAS. “This motivated us to make a new generation of 3D CAD download technology accessible to all customers without extra effort.“

CADENAS’ new PARTcommunity embedded technology is very popular among international component manufacturers. Wärtsilä, a leading manufacturer of power sources in the marine and energy market, was the first to use the next generation of PARTcommunity embedded technology for its marine engine line Wärtsilä 20.

Also GETOtech, the renowned solution provider for linear technology and mechanical engineering from Munich, integrated the new embedded technology into its website in the course of redesigning it. Many other renowned manufacturers are also planning to integrate PARTcommunity embedded into their website very soon.

Would you also like to profit from the new PARTcommunity embedded technology and further increase the amount of your 3D CAD downloads? Just contact or +49 (0)821 2 58 58 0-0. We will gladly advise you and integrate the 3D CAD download portal tailored to your needs into your website.

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