PARTsolutions has a new SAP PLM integration into the CAD System NX

Even better avoidance of duplicate copies in companies

CADENAS' Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions now offers an integration of the CAD System NX™ in SAP PLM. This way, 3D CAD models, created in PARTsolutions for the first time, are automatically saved in the SAP content server when they are imported into the interactive CAD/CAM/CAE System NX. Users of NX stay in their usual CAD/CAM/CAE environment during the complete design process and at the same time profit from a direct access to SAP PLM. The new PARTsolutions integration for NX results from a cooperation with the DSC Software AG, who offer integration solutions for SAP™ PLM.

Integration of DSC in PARTsolutions

New integration effectively avoids duplicate copies

In modern companies, the Strategic Parts Management of the software manufacturer CADENAS from Augsburg helps engineers and purchasers to find, reduce and manage standard, supplier and self-designed parts in a simple way. With the software solution PARTsolutions, users of NX have access to 3D CAD models from more than 600 certified manufacturer catalogs. When importing 3D CAD models from PARTsolutions into the CAD System NX, duplicate copies are now effectively avoided due to the automatic saving of components in SAP PLM. When a component is necessary for a design in NX it is not created again by PARTsolutions, but directly uploaded from the SAP system. This optimized process helps to reduce the number of redundant parts in companies.

Moreover the integration solution allows designs to be managed reliably in SAP and to be classified efficiently. A SAP key number is created in PARTsolutions automatically and attributes can then be saved in NX and SAP.

Find components as easy as pie with the Geometric Similarity Search

PARTsolutions GEOsearch

When looking for the right component, CADENAS PARTsolutions supports NX users with the Geometric Similarity Search GEOsearch. It looks for components and compares them by means of the respective CAD geometries. Starting with a reference part (catalog part, self-designed part, repetition part or company standard) or a rough sketch of the 3D model in the CAD, all existing CAD components of the parts database can be browsed as with a search engine. The result is a ranking list of 3D CAD parts that are geometrically most similar to each other and is issued in a visualized way.

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