The CADENAS Croatia branch is celebrating its 17th anniversary this year. Ladislav Antić opened a CADENAS representative office on 16 October 2000. Once Croatia joined the EU, the branch office was established as a limited company in 2013.

The new catalog enables engineers and designers to quickly search and configure JW Winco products before downloading into their design, available in more than CAD 100 formats.

Construction projects are carried out by numerous stakeholders and often take a long time. It is especially important that planners, architects, structural engineers, HVAC specialists and civil engineers get all the necessary information for their work at the right time and in the correct format.

Daimler AG has been successfully using Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions from the software manufacturer CADENAS since 2002. Now the design guidelines are available as a PDF document directly in PARTsolutions and links to the engineering data within Strategic Parts Management are possible.

Creating customs papers for international shipping usually means tedious and time-consuming work. This is considerably simplified with the new ASKUBAL Electronic Product Catalog.

Industry 4.0 and the digitization of the manufacturing industry are an important topic worldwide. For this reason, a research group from CADENAS is developing comprehensive component standards so that they can be used in simulation software such as Siemens' Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD).

Since the beginning of the year, CADENAS has organised a weekly challenge through their 3D sharing community The occasion is the 25th anniversary of the company and to celebrate the members of the CADENAS exchange portal are becoming actively involved.

Thanks to a new Electronic Product Catalog and Online Configurator powered by eCATALOGsolutions from CADENAS, FABORY customers have the ability to select, view and download their fastening products in 2D and 3D.

For the fourth time now, pupils and students from technical colleges, universities and other educational facilities had the opportunity to submit their design ideas in order to compete. The winners were announced at the Motek exhibition on 11th October in Stuttgart.

Now thanks to the implementation of an Electronic Product Catalog and an Online Product Configurator, UHV Design customers can configure and download product information instantaneously in over 100 native CAD formats.