Innovative Technologies

With eCATALOGsolutions, CADENAS’ Electronic Product Catalog, you are always one step ahead with innovative and future-oriented technology.

CADENAS innovations on the example of web technologies

Innovationen von CADENAS am Beispiel des 3D CAD Downoadportals PARTcommunity

1 Individual layout Allocate individual areas in your 3D CAD download portal, as well as, customize color scheme and create additional tabs linked to content
2 Live Support With live chat you can give customer service in real time.
3 Individual configuration
Define value ranges for individual 3D CAD model creation to be reviewed in preview and then loaded into a CAD system directly.
4 3D view 3D CAD models may be previewed in different views. In addition to line view, engineers may view models in edge view, zoomed in/out, and even in red/cyan display for a real 3D feel.
5 Geometric search in 3D
By uploading an existing CAD part you can find similar components within a catalog.
Searching with a 2D Sketch With the help of the 2D sketches created by the sketcher tool, the product catalog may be scanned for fitting or similar components.
Reference sources To your download portal, make a list of sales offices available for visitors.
8 Slider As a component manufacturer, take advantage of the opportunity to integrate an individual slider into your portal.
9 Google Gadgets & Feeds The CAD download portal offers you the opportunity to integrate Google gadgets (currency converter, event calendar, etc.), as well as company news as feeds.