Mobile Marketing

Why an app?

Websites are a matter of course for a successful web presence. They offer up-to-date information to the customer at any time all around the globe.

However, traditional laptops and PCs are replaced by mobile devices at a rapid pace. Apps are increasingly taking over the role of websites. The reason: Apps offer all benefits of websites and much more than that.


Grafik Mobile Internetnutzung


Benefits app vs. standard website

  • Because of smaller screens it is difficult to use standard websites with mobile devices

  • Due to the difficult handling mobile users quickly reject traditional websites, whereas apps convince with user-friendliness

  • Frequently changing media causes trouble with mobile use (e.g. PDF download and word documents)

  • By blocking web contents at the workplace, many product searches in the business field shift to "second screens" or app use


Become an "early adopter"!

The phase where companies have a pioneering role and a competitive edge due to apps is about to end.

Instead, companies that do not have an app and the experience related to it will have competitive disadvantages they can only catch-up with lots of time and costs.

Early Adopters

Possibilities to access the world of mobile marketing

Native App

Offer engineers and purchasers your 3D CAD product catalog as Android™ or iOS™ app for download on Google Play or Apple iTunes.

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App Integration 3D Viewer

CADENAS offers the possibility to add 3D CAD models of your Electronic Product Catalog to existing apps.

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With the app for the CADENAS statistics tool you are always stay
up-to-date in terms of your PARTcommunity CAD download portal.

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