In the past we spent much money for Fairs and Exhibitions. With the electronic online product catalog we are able to save a lot of money in this field as the acquisition now takes place automatically. More and more customers find us. In the past we had to look for them.
Manager Product Engineering

Scalable Solution

With eCATALOGsolutions, CADENAS’ Electronic Product Catalog, you are investing in a solution that grows with your specifications.

Your CAD catalog for WEB, as DVD, MOBILE, PDF or PRINT

We publish your 3D CAD product catalog, regardless of which medium you prefer!

The modularly constructed system is connected to your system landscape and enables you to create your product catalog in different output media such as DVD, online, mobile, PDF or print.

Apart from pure CAD models eCATALOGsolutions offers many important innovations and trends to promote the marketing of your products: product configurations, 3D glasses, augmented reality, quick response codes, controlling 3D CAD parts with a Wii remote control, mobile marketing and many more.