The Component Data Portal for Electrical Engineering

CADENAS, Zuken and ECAD-Port are working together to provide online access to free, validated, high-quality electrical component data to users of Zuken’s E³.series electrical design tools. In cooperation, the intelligent engineering data are to be extended step by step to include electronic symbols, connections points, material master data and technical information.

What Information Do You Need?

For Component Manufacturers

Information on creating, managing & marketing a catalog with intelligent CAE data

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For ECAD Users

Information on access to and use of digital parts catalogs in the planning phase

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Information for Component Manufacturers

Reach 35,000 Zuken Users from the Field of Electrical Engineering with Your Components

Through the cooperation between CADENAS and Zuken, manufacturers of electronic components can provide their customers with intelligent CAD or planning data that is precisely tailored to the needs of this target group.

The digital parts catalogs are directly available in Zuken's CAE software, so that the required parts can be inserted with just a few clicks. The data contains all important information like connections points, circuit symbols, various views, technical values, classifications, part numbers, etc.

The Driving Impulse for Rising Sales Figures

  • Electrical engineers choose catalogs, that are available with just a few clicks and provide all the information they need.
  • With the approval of the engineer's design your product is included directly in the BOM list and thus in the PLM & ERP system (merchandise management)
  • Based on the BOM the purchaser will order your components.

Who's Already on Board?

CADENAS has been setting standards with electronic product catalogs and its eCATALOGsolutions technology since 1992.

Profit from many years of experience and over 700 successful catalog projects. 250 digital catalogs have already been successfully implemented in the fields of electrical engineering, pneumatics, hydraulics and automation.

Information for ECAD Users

The Direct Access to Intelligent 2D & 3D Component Data from over 250 Certified Manufacturer Catalogs

Users of Zuken E³.series get direct access to the CADENAS parts catalogs. Required parts can be easily found using innovative search functions and then inserted directly into E³.series. The digital engineering data is enriched with intelligent information such as electrical symbols, connection points and technical article data.

Time Savings for ECAD Users

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