72% of engineers & planners choose an alternative manufacturer if no native CAD data is available online

Survey among 128,000 engineers and architects shows why Digital Transformation should be a key focus for industrial marketers

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Engineers in today’s environment are faced with countless challenges: Shorter production times coupled with an increase in demand for unique solutions multiply the workload for engineers. To exacerbate the situation, engineers are constantly under pressure to cut costs in the design process and shorten time to market. This requires design departments to consistently push ahead with digital transformation.

A survey among 128,000 engineers, planners, and architects worldwide asked about their digital product data needs. The results highlight opportunities for manufacturers to improve their product offerings and streamline processes to increase product sales.

It all starts with the engineer - They select products for their designs!

Component manufacturers must understand who the decision maker is when it comes to selecting or specifying their product. If the process chain is traced back to the beginning, the decision to specify a component is driven by the engineer. Once the component is downloaded and placed within the design, everything follows its defined path: The information is transferred from the CAD/BIM design into the PLM system and onto the bill of materials (BOM), which is then used by the buyer within the ERP or merchandise management system as the basis for procurement. It is therefore important for manufacturers to tailor digital services to this audience and deliver the data they need.

Want to know what engineers & architects really need for their daily work? Download the study results!

In order to remain competitive, the provision of digital product data as digital twin will be crucial. Only those component manufacturers who make it easy for engineers and architects to access and download extensive and intelligent information about their products are rewarded with increased sales. The survey results will give valuable insights on how manufacturers bridge the gap to digital transformation to better serve the needs for design and to support their customers with their digital transformation.

Achieving 100% Digital Transformation - 6 Insights in our Survey Results among Engineers and Architects

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