A year of innovative technology: CADENAS sets the pace for the future

In 2023, we look back on another year of success

CADENAS has once again set new standards in the technology industry in 2023. The dominant topic of the past year was undoubtedly artificial intelligence. As an expert for innovative software solutions in the field of CAD models and Digital Twins, the company has been investing heavily in this new technology for the past four years, as it holds great potential for the future. When properly combined with many data sets, valuable solutions can be developed.

Comeback of the Year: Industry Forum 2023

Last year, the popular Industry Forum finally made its long-awaited comeback. After a three-year break due to the pandemic, the event featured a number of high-profile speakers. The successful event provided a platform for innovation and networking in the field of Industry 4.0. Read the full report in our customer magazine 2023.

More highlights in our customer magazine

In addition to the Industry Forum, there were many other top CADENAS topics in 2023:

  • Many new features on 3Dfindit
  • CADENAS opens a new office in Serbia
  • WILO launches PARTsolutions as global standard for parts
  • CADENAS and ALLPLAN intensify their cooperation
  • CADENAS develops intelligent 4-D models for the asset administration shell
  • And much more

Take a look at our latest customer magazine and see for yourself the interesting innovations and success stories from 2023.

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