How manufacturers individualize their ETIM MC (Modeling Class) with CADENAS

Component manufacturers can add level of geometry, other standards, connection and sustainability information to their ETIM classified products

ETIM MC products

For several months now, component manufacturers have been able to additionally extend their ETIM classified products with 3D BIM models in cooperation with CADENAS. For individualization, CADENAS offers component manufacturers the possibility to enrich their ETIM Modeling Class (MC) compliant 3D objects with important product information, such as several levels of geometry (LOG), additional standards, connection information or information about the sustainability of the components. In this way, an individually tailored CAD & BIM product catalog is created.

Individual ETIM BIM catalog from the Dortmund technology specialist Wilo.
Individual ETIM BIM catalog from the Dortmund technology specialist Wilo.

How component manufacturers get the most out of their BIM data

For all manufacturers who already classify their products according to ETIM, this offers the possibility to provide BIM data with minimum effort and thus get the most out of their BIM data. In addition to different levels of geometry, this data can also contain, for example, connection information and important, specific standards to better meet the requirements of customers in certain regional markets.

In addition, such a customized product catalog can include information about the sustainability of components. Certifications such as Cradle to Cradle "C2C", for example, which are intended to support an integrated and consistent recycling management, are playing an increasingly important role for engineers and architects in their product development and planning.


It's that simple:

  1. Implementation of the BIM product data based on the Modeling Class 3D object templates from CADENAS
  2. Enrichment of the data based on the ETIM product classes and MCs with additional geometric detail levels and, if necessary, colors or further geometric product details that go beyond the MC 3D object
  3. Publication of the BIM data on the Internet via the company's own website, the search engine, the PARTcommunity download portal and plug-ins for Revit, ARCHICAD, ALLPLAN, SketchUp & Tekla and for use on mobile devices

Architects, planners and designers can then generate and download the product data of the respective manufacturers "on demand" in over 50 native BIM CAD formats. Among them are the following:

Customize products quickly and easily now

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