Implement ETIM Modeling Classes (MC) with CADENAS

Provision of 3D BIM data based on ETIM classified product information now possible for component manufacturers with minimal effort

The free classification standard ETIM (Electrotechnical Information Model) for the electronic exchange of product data presents data in a manufacturer-independent, media-neutral and equivalent manner in all languages and was previously based on textual, technical descriptions of components. Now it has been officially extended to include standardized drawings, so-called Modeling Classes (MC). Up to now, more than 105 MC have been officially published by ETIM, which will be extended continuously. CADENAS now offers component manufacturers the possibility to add 3D BIM models to their ETIM classified products with minimal effort. The ETIM product information is used as starting point.

Implementation of the new ETIM MC using CADENAS technology

All already published ETIM Modeling Classes can be implemented with CADENAS, one of the world's leading service providers for Building Information Modeling (BIM) data preparation, with minimal effort. The 3D BIM models generated in this way correspond to the official ETIM standard and can be used in all common BIM CAD formats due to the CADENAS technology from one database.

This gives all component manufacturers who already classify their products according to ETIM the opportunity to provide BIM product data to architects, planners and designers with minimal effort.

There you go:

  1. BMEcat (XML) export from the PIM system with UDX (User Defined Extension) extension to the Modeling Class 3D object template
  2. BMEcat (XML) import based on CADENAS technology
  3. Publication of BIM data on the Internet, including via the company's own website, via plug-ins for Revit, ARCHICAD, ALLPLAN, SketchUp and Tekla and for use on mobile devices

Subsequently, the product data of the respective manufacturers can be generated and downloaded "on demand" by architects, planners and designers in over 50 native BIM CAD formats. Among them are the following:

You are a component manufacturer and want to add ETIM MC compliant 3D BIM models to your ETIM classified products quickly and easily? Our BIM experts will be pleased to advise you.

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