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Component manufacturers facilitate the electronic product data exchange for HVAC & MEP with their product catalog

The effective planning of construction projects in the field of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) nowadays requires a large number of different digital information and software systems. In order to standardize the collection of the required data and to cover different tasks with access to a standardized product data model, VDI 3805 was introduced as a guideline series for HVAC, which is also supported by the Electronic Product Catalogs for manufacturer components powered by CADENAS.

The guideline VDI 3805 will be transferred to the international standard ISO 16757 in the future and serves as a standardized exchange format between CAD and calculation software for the design of components or systems in heating, room air, sanitary and building automation and electrical engineering. On the basis of the standardized data model, calculations, planning, simulations and analyses as well as the operation of HVAC systems can be carried out.

The Multi CAD format for VDI 3805 / ISO 16757

In order to provide HVAC planners with all necessary component information, CADENAS supports component manufacturers with its solution for digital BIM & CAD product catalogs in marketing and providing their product data in compliance with HVAC. In this way, manufacturers can generate multi BIM & CAD product data and thus provide planning data with millions of combinations regarding CAD system, classification, specifications, level-of-geometry, languages, etc. from a central database - no matter what individual requirements the customers have for the respective product data.

Renowned VDI 3805 / ISO 16757 experts from CADENAS

CADENAS can rely on a broad competence in consulting and support of component manufacturers for the creation and marketing of VDI 3805 / ISO 16757 compliant digital product data: The dedicated team consists of Karsten Spieß, the deputy chairman of the VDI 3805 main committee, as well as Stefanie Enkler, who both actively participate in various committees, associations and working groups (VDI, VDMA, BTGA, etc.) and therefore have a deep insight into current developments.

Active shaping of the position paper & PDTs of VDI 3805 by CADENAS

Together with different associations, manufacturers and cooperation partners, CADENAS experts take a leading role in the development of the VDI position paper and the respective technical product sheets and thus define the general conditions of the HVAC sector with regard to the implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

CADENAS as technology partner of ARGE Neue Medien and VDMA

CADENAS experts support the VDI 3805 guideline development in various sub-working groups and working groups and are members of the steering committee "BIM for electrical engineering and building automation" in the function as standardization coordinator.

ARGE - Building digital competence VDMA

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