Seidel optimizes series production with CADENAS PARTsolutions

Seidel GmbH & Co KG has been active in the production of design products made of aluminum and plastic since 1830. The company from the Marburg-Biedenkopf district is known for its design packaging solutions and has established itself as a world market leader in this field with its high-quality work. As early as 2005, Seidel recognized the potential of strategic parts management and entered into a partnership with CADENAS that continues to this day.

Before the use of CADENAS' Strategic Parts Management, many things had to be done manually at Seidel, which often slowed down or even stopped production processes completely. Since the introduction of PARTsolutions, Seidel has been able to record successes such as cost savings, time savings and better organization.



Simple search methods for complex designs

With more than 200,000 in-house parts, Seidel's parts library now includes a large number of components that are not only special in their shape, but also often have customer-specific designations. This makes searching for these components very difficult. GEOsearch, the intelligent search method from PARTsolutions, simplifies this search by comparing components on the basis of CAD geometries. This leads to time savings of around 70%.

Preventing production downtimes

The machines in the production hall at Seidel GmbH & Co KG are tightly synchronized, and delays can quickly lead to weeks of production downtime. If a component breaks during production, it must be replaced as quickly as possible. With PARTsolutions, replacement or tool parts can be found quickly and downtime avoided.

Read our case study to find out what CAD project manager Oliver Arnold from Seidel thinks about PARTsolutions from CADENAS and how the partnership contributes to increasing productivity:

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