The BIM Checklist: 10 Tips for Building Product Manufacturers

CADENAS and AUSSCHREIBEN.DE offer BIM white paper for free download

CADENAS and AUSSCHREIBEN.DE have joined forces to create a checklist for manufacturers of building products in the form of a white paper. The valuable tips are based on first-hand experience: With its customized software solutions, CADENAS is the link between building product manufacturers and their products, as well as wholesalers, architects, planners and tradesmen. ORCA Software is a leading software producer in the construction industry. With the online portal AUSSCHREIBEN.DE, the company offers architects and planners a valuable and powerful research tool for building product information and tender texts.

Provide high quality planning data

To implement BIM, designers and architects need comprehensive, accurate, and unambiguous alphanumeric data on materials and products. This poses a challenge for building component manufacturers, who must provide thousands of customers with a wide variety of requirements and systems with data suitable for design.

If you as a manufacturer offer complete and high-quality data, you can stand out from the competition. With the BIM checklist from CADENAS and AUSSCHREIBEN.DE you can see step by step which data is relevant for planners and architects and how you can get the most out of it with as little effort as possible.

Download your free BIM checklist now and benefit from this expert knowledge.

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