Vision Engineering & CADENAS enable the display of digital components with revolutionary 3D display technology

Cooperation offers component manufacturers new opportunities with worldwide patented stereoscopic 3D viewing technology

Boost your eCATALOG with VISION Engineering's pioneering 3D viewer

As an "innovation company", CADENAS is continuously in search of the latest developments and trends for its customers. The German software manufacturer now has a new highlight to offer through its cooperation with Vision Engineering. The Deep Reality Viewer (DRV) by Vision Engineering creates high-resolution 3D stereo images without the need for an external monitor or special glasses. This revolutionary technology offers manufacturers of technical components numerous new possibilities for their products to be perfect eyecatchers.

3D viewer without 3D glasses, shutter glasses or VR headsets

The DRV Z1 was originally developed to optimize quality control and production requirements in the sectors of electronics, aerospace, automotive and medical technology. Thus, enlarged objects can be viewed in 3D and in detail as never before without the use of additional glasses or viewing devices. The images "float" in front of a viewing mirror and impress with an incomparable depth effect.

In times of more and more high demanding digital applications this technology can also make a decisive contribution to interpret 3D constructions or to improve 3D models. The worldwide patented digital stereoscopic 3D viewing technology, launched by Vision Engineering for the first time, is designed to support companies or organizations that model and test components in 3D.

"Over the past 60 years, Vision Engineering has built its reputation and success on innovation, quality, performance and ergonomics of visual inspection and measurement systems. DRV Z1 offers an enhanced and improved 3D visualization and overcomes the current problems of other viewing systems. By merging our existing technologies, we are providing a completely new concept and opening up numerous opportunities in entirely new markets," explains Mark Curtis, Managing Director of Vision Engineering.

Digital twin of technical components as an eyecatcher at any trade fair

In combination with an Electronic Product Catalog powered with CADENAS’ eCATALOGsolutions technology, the DRV technology offers manufacturers of components entirely new possibilities for product presentation, for example at trade fairs. As digital twin, the presented products leave a lasting impression with the visitors of the booth. The DRV can also be used if, for example, the product in question has not yet been in series production and thus is not yet available as a physical component.

“It is our motivation not only to be a reliable partner for the creation of digital 3D parts catalogs, but also to assist our customers with competent support and inspiration for their marketing and sales activities," says Jürgen Heimbach, Managing Director of CADENAS GmbH. "CADENAS has often shown in the past that an electronic product catalogue is not only ideally suited to convince engineers with a technically mature online catalogue, but can also play to its strengths in marketing. Innovative products require a progressive product presentation today in order to stand out from the crowd."

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