eCATALOGsolutions Quality Seal

CADENAS continuously awards prizes to Electronic Product Catalogs based on eCATALOGsolutions technology with the quality seal in gold and silver.

The guidelines for the quality certification of CAD product catalogs were developed together with CADENAS customers to ensure a consistently high quality of the 3D CAD catalogs for engineers.

These characteristics are checked on by the quality assurance of CADENAS.

Minimum requirements for the silver quality seal

  • Central management of data inventory with roll and rights system
  • Automatic testing of data integrity e.g. CAD compatibility, clarity of terms, etc.
  • English as main language
  • Effective manual checking of the most important criteria, e.g. preview, translation, technical previews, structure, assembly construction, etc.
  • Catalog availability through ERP mappings

Minimum requirements for the golden quality seal

Accompanying the minimum requirements for the silver quality seal are the following requirements to receive a golden quality seal:

  • The catalog has weight specifications / Mapping for a minimum of all fixed article numbers
  • Movable components are shown with kinematics (including kinematic limits)
  • The catalog has customs tariff numbers as a minimum for all fixed article numbers
  • The catalog is complete in at least 3 languages
  • The components have a clearly structured variables schema

On top of the above-mentioned requirements, the catalog must meet a further 5 requirements from the list below of additional information:

  • Colour coded
  • Filter assistant
  • Intelligent placement
  • Calculator assistance
  • Connection information
  • Country of delivery classification
  • Multi staged Level of Detail (LOD)
  • Maintenance intervals
  • End-of-Life information
  • Mounting geometry
  • Sourcing location
  • Collision & working space
  • Identification of standards
  • Environmental standards
  • Range of values with pictures
  • Component materials
  • Additional documentation
  • Center of mass
  • Use cases
  • Accessories / replacement parts
  • Automatic dimensioning
  • Variable simulation
  • Programmed assistance
  • Renderings
  • eCl@ss classifications

Intelligent Engineering Data with eCATALOGsolutions

With the Electronic Product Catalog eCATALOGsolutions, you don‘t make basic CAD models, but genuine intelligent engineering data with all the necessary information. It relieves your customer service, since fewer callbacks are required and the engineer is supported, as tedious and time-consuming preliminary work is no longer necessary.

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Success Stories


Toshiba International Corporation has enhanced its digital customer experience with a product catalog powered by CADENAS, increasing its online CAD downloads by 360%.

Power Jacks
Power Jacks

Power Jacks sparked a 230% growth in CAD downloads and 30% growth in sales leads within one year thanks to the outstanding online service powered by CADENAS.

IMI Precision Engineering
IMI Precision Engineering

IMI Precision Engineering is seeing a huge increase in customer satisfaction
all thanks to the first ever integration of eCATALOGsolutions into an eShop.

LUCAS France
LUCAS France

Product Configurator reduces the time of offer preparation at LUCAS from 2 days to 5 minutes.