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Building Information Modeling

What is BIM?

With the help of Building Information Modeling (BIM) components architects, designers, builders and engineers can make their changes on the model without necessity for all members of the construction team to update their building design data.

Why BIM is important for manufacturers

BIM Atlas: Overview of countries that have already made BIM obligatory

The United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and Norway all use BIM for official government funded construction projects.

According to EU guidelines BIM will be compulsorily with regards to official government funded construction projects in the EU by 2016.

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BIMcatalogs.net offers many different formats and is available for all systemsBIMcatalogs.net offers many different formats and is available for all systems.

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Free BIM objects for architects, builders and engineers

BIM Objekte für Architekten und PlanerWith uniform data exchange standards, project teams have the possibility to exchange CAD models out of their 3D modelling software with any other modelling software.

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