We almost exclusively use parts and components whose 3D CAD models we are able to find in the parts management system PARTsolutions. This is the selection and integration criteria for us, as long as we don’t have required specifications from our customers.
Thomas Nett,
Manager of Engineering/Labs at conntronic GmbH

BMEcat & manufacturer catalogs

Numerous manufacturer catalogs of the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions are available, as a basis for creating and cleansing master data. Further manufacturer catalogs can be added via CADENAS BMEcat importer at any time.

Catalogs can be added via CADENAS BMEcat importer at any time

BMEcat, developed by the Federal Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics e.V., is a XML-based standard for the transmission of electronic product catalogs and constitutes the basis for an automated exchange of product information between manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and your business.

The digital product data can include master data like:

  • Order number

  • Short- & stock description

  • Quantity of packaging

  • Scheduled time of delivery

  • European Article Number (EAN)

  • eCl@ss number

  • various language versions

  • and many more