Search by sketching

CADENAS´ Geometric Similarity Search GEOsearch quickly guides engineers and purchasers to the right component, even if they do not know the right article description.

A picture often says more than 1,000 words!

Engineers and purchasers know what they are looking for, but they often do not know what it is called. In order to find the required part, it may sometimes be easier to sketch it instead of describing it.

There is no need for a CAD system, with a simple 2D sketch you can draw the component you are looking for and immediately receive all relevant results.

Video: Search for parts with 2D Sketcher by CADENAS

Video: Search for parts with 2D Sketcher

CADENAS GmbH - Finden durch 2D CAD Skizze»It is our aim to revolutionize the market as mastermind. You have a vague idea in mind, sketch down your idea and quickly find a existing part. This concept is not a futuristic vision, but has become reality thanks to CADENAS.«

Frank Epple, CTO, CADENAS Technologies AG