Standards in PARTsolutions

The Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions by CADENAS offers engineers access to engineering data from all the most used standard components.

An overview of the available standards can be found here:

GHS01Exploding bomb, form GHS01
GHS02Flame, form GHS02
GHS03Flame over circle, form GHS03
GHS04Gas cylinder, form GHS04
GHS05Corrosion, form GHS05
GHS06Skull and crossbones, form GHS06
GHS07Exclamation mark, form GHS07
GHS08Health hazard, form GHS08
GHS09Environment, Form GHS09
H201Mass explosion hazard, form H201
H202Explosive, severe projection hazard, form H202
H203Explosion with fire, minor blast hazard , form H203
H204Minor explosion hazard, form H204
H205Blasting agent, very insensitive , form H205
H206Explosive, extremely insensitive, no mass explosion, form H206
H220Flammable gases, form H220
H221Flammable gases, form H221
H331Toxic gases, form H331
H229Non flammable, non toxic gases, form H229
H280Contains gas under pressure, may explode if heated, form H280
H224Flammable liquids, form H224
H225Flammable liquids, form H225
H228Flammable solids, self-reactive substances and solid desensitized explosives, form H228
H250Substances liable to spontaneous combustion, form H250
H260Substances which in contact with water emit flammable gases, form H260
H261Substances which in contact with water emit flammable gases, form H261
H271Oxidizing substances (also used in addition for oxidising gases), form H271
H241Organic peroxides, form H241
H242Organic peroxides, form H242
H300Toxic substances, form H300
H314Corrosive substances (also used in adddition for corrosive gases), form H314

Status: 09/2023

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Success Stories

Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH
Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH

Wanzl shortens research and design times for the development of a new shopping cart by more than 2 hours with the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions powered by CADENAS.

MAN Truck & Bus AG
MAN Truck & Bus AG

By means of PARTsolutions by CADENAS all parts including complex geometries are traceable across different system and locations of the MAN Truck & Bus AG

SMS group
SMS group

SMS group avoids duplicates and offers the best possible data quality through PARTsolutions.

Starlinger & Co. GmbH
Starlinger & Co. GmbH

High reuse of parts in the product development process based on PARTsolutions.