Goodbye photographer sessions: With the newly developed interface for a 3D rendering program, products from your electronic product catalog eCATALOGsolutions by CADENAS will shine. Now, you can create photorealistic images from your existing 3D geometries at the touch of a button in eCATALOGsolutions.

With the upcoming version of PARTsolutions, finding similar parts has been greatly simplified, reducing costs more efficiently and lastingly. With its new automatic background search, CADENAS GmbH introduces a new function of the next version 9.02 of the Strategic Parts Management System PARTsolutions. In the future, while users work on their constructions within the software solution PARTsolutions, the geometric similarity search will automatically be started in the background.

CADENAS GmbH, a leading software supplier in the area of strategic parts management, introduces the newest version of the PARTsolutions software. The new version 9.01 has already been released at the end of May. Many new functions and smarter features, such as enhanced search functions or automatic adjustment of the window layout to the table forms, further simplify the use of the CADENAS software.