The complex analysis and reasearch effort can be reduced by 50 % by using PARTsolutions. Offers are prepared more quickly and risky products are recognized and rated already during the offer preparation, due to a significantly more solid database.
Markus Deuter
Project Manager

Company Parts & Standards

Numerous companies already maintain their factory standards with CADENAS´ Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions

Multi-CAD Ability

PARTsolutions is capable of Multi-CAD, this means it is irrelevant how many CAD systems are in use at your company.

With PARTsolutions the internal maintenance effort always stays the same no matter how many CAD systems are at use.

The Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions dramatically reduces your internal maintenance effort, whenever more than one CAD system is used.

PDF data sheets

With the Strategic Parts Management you can easily create PDF files of technical data sheets.3D CAD PDF data sheets with CADENAS PARTsolutions