To AIM a very important benefit of PARTsolutions is the fact, that the engineer can concentrate on his actual designing work again.
Matthias Kienle
Mechanical Engineering
ELWEMA Automotive GmbH (AIM - Assembly in Motion GmbH)

All information at a glance

The Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions is an universal research system regarding standard parts, supplier parts and company parts.

Complete product overview for engineers and purchasers

The Strategic Parts Management system by CADENAS has numerous interfaces to other parts information systems, such as PLM and ERP systems.

With PARTsolutions you always have all relevant data at a glance: CAD, PLM, ERP, uvm.

All business and technical information of a part are available at once, without changing systems:

  • CAD Information
    (geometry, weight, etc.)

  • PLM Information
    (preferred rows, document, etc.)

  • ERP Information
    (price, availability, etc.)

  • PARTsolutions Information
    RoHS compliance, global sourcing,
    standardization, alternative suppliers, ...