Through the implementation of PARTsolutions, all necessary standard and supplier parts are made available to us. Data from SAP systems can be directly embedded into PDM systems. That saves us time and money in construction, improves information technology, and optimizes the effective management of standard party.
Guangming Wang
Project Manager

PARTsolutions mobile App

Strategic Parts Management on smartphone and tablet

A mobile version of the Strategic Parts Management is available for engineers and purchasers: With the PARTsolutions app you can find standard, supplier and self-designed parts during meetings and visualize the most important ERP and CAD information on a smartphone or tablet.

PARTsolutions Mobile App

The features of the PARTsolutions app

  • Find suitable self-designed, standard-and supplier parts in your internal parts master and check them in a 3D preview during project planning meetings

  • Find parts in an intelligent way with the Geometric Similarity Search or 2D Sketch Search and compare the CAD geometry

  • Access to SAP ERP information of the parts like price, availability, etc.

The mobile access to the data of your Strategic Parts Management with the PARTsolutions app is made possible through the PARTapplication server. To find out about the availability of the PARTapplication server for your system environment, please contact

PARTsolutions for Android

PARTsolutions App for Android
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PARTsolutions for iOS

PARTsolutions App for iOS
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PARTsolutions for Windows 10

PARTsolutions App for Windows 10
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