Reduce multiple parts

CADENAS supports companies with the Strategic Parts Management system PARTsolutions to reduce their part multiplicity.

The part acquisition costs are only the tip of the iceberg!

Reduce multiple parts with PARTsolutions

The highest saving potential is not realized during purchasing, but at a much earlier stage.

By optimizing the reuse rate of available parts and reducing multiple parts, you influence the costs for your product during development to an extent that is not possible at a later point of time.

How much does it cost to create a record for a new part?

Many researches figure up their part costs as follows:

SourceExamination ObjectCosts in EUR
Ehrlenspiel Administration of a purchased part ca. 2.000,--
Hichert Inauguration and maintenance of a part 850,--
Häusele Administration costs per part 1.261,--
IGS Average costs for administration of a part 1.200,--

Successful companies have fewer parts!

Successful companies have fewer parts


A study by K. Ehrlenspiel affirms that the respective market leaders have fewer parts in their industry.

Simply reduce your parts stock with CADENAS' Strategic Parts Management system PARTsolutions!