With CADENAS PARTsolutions we have a uniform structure in our parts information data for the first time. Due to a clear catalog structure parts can be found easily and part proliferation, that has prevailed so far, can now be limited in a reasonable way.
Eberhard Ilg
Technical Manager
ELWEMA Automotive GmbH (AIM - Assembly in Motion GmbH)

Control data access

CADENAS´ Supplier Portal allows you to control and check the online access of external engineering service providers to your internal data. Depending on the duration of the project you can activate an access for external companies and statistically reproduce their activity.

Up-to-date information from the PLM system

Activated users gain access to all available standards while having an overview of the standards which are to be preferred for engineering.


Controlled data access


The PLM system is the direct source of this information as well as the CAD data which is made available for download via the Supplier Portal. However, external services providers can´t access the sensitive data of your company.

With CADENAS´ Supplier Portal the number of parts can be reduced significantly in spite of external service providers.