PARTsolutions, with its all-encompassing standard parts library gave us an extraordinary advantage in speed, since we were able to find the required supplier parts quickly and simply integrate them in the design in the CAD system CATIA.
Thomas Nett,
Manager of Engineering/Labs at conntronic GmbH

All information for externals

CADENAS´ Supplier Portal is directly connected to the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions, thus it  disposes of all the parts information
from the PLM and ERP systems.

Direct connection to the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions

By integration into the existing system, standards like company parts can be made available on a centrally controlled surface:

  • Information from the CAD System

    Geometry, weight, ...

  • Information from the PLM System

    Priority lane, document, ...

  • Information from the ERP System

    Price, availability, ...