We selected PARTsolutions after a thorough review of technology available in the market today,” said Mr. Landers. “We also chose PARTsolutions due to its ability to put our products on the desktops of engineers worldwide.


CADENAS´ collaborative Online Supplier Portal allows you to optimize communication to subcontractors and engineering service providers.
Thus it externally promotes keeping your internal standards.

External service providers challenge you

A structured information exchange is necessary to avoid people from doing what they want outside, although there is an internal standard:

  • Internal standards have to be accessible
    to external service providers

  • CAD data and component geometry
    always has to be up to date

  • Portal contents have to be available
    in several languages

Supplier portals on the basis of the PARTcommunity Technology

CADENAS Supplier Portal

With the Supplier Portal, CADENAS offers an online platform for the cooperation with external service providers.

During the term of the joint project all released standards and listed suppliers as well as filtered standards and CAD data are made available for download.