With CADENAS PARTsolutions we have a uniform structure in our parts information data for the first time. Due to a clear catalog structure parts can be found easily and part proliferation, that has prevailed so far, can now be limited in a reasonable way.
Eberhard Ilg
Technical Manager
ELWEMA Automotive GmbH (AIM - Assembly in Motion GmbH)

Intelligent Finding

CADENAS offers innovative search functions in additon or as alternative
to a traditionally classified parts master.

The technology for intuitive search strategies

CADENAS offers completely new opportunities to engineers and purchasers to find product information and CAD data of standard-, supplier- and company parts in a smart way.

Opposite to traditional classification of parts master the users neither have to learn how to use a classification system nor adjust their search strategy to the system.

CADENAS´ search functions were specifically tailored to the needs of engineers and purchasers and allow intelligent finding of necessary parts through intuitive handling.

All search methods are combinable in a cascaded way.