Intelligent standard & supplier part catalogs

This is how information exchange of your components will work out

“Industry 4.0“ and “Internet of things“ are the keywords showing that there is a continuously increasing link between the real and the digital world.

The more singular components communicate with each other in the manufacturing process, consequently the digital data must also be provided in an intelligent form.

What are intelligent CAD models?

Component geometry alone is not sufficient for an engineer to make a decision, just as important is the component‘s meta data. These make it possible to test motion sequences already in the CAD system and take information into account such as centers of mass, material or environmental standards etc. during the product development.

Which intelligent information do engineers need?

A survey conducted by CADENAS among 122,200 users in 2014 shows which intelligent information CAD models should contain so that engineers, technicians and purchasers can do their daily work smoothly.

Over 700 manufacturer certified product catalogs

The intelligent 3D CAD models of standard and purchased parts can be imported in the desired format directly into the CAD system to speed up the construction process.

Success Stories

Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH

Wanzl shortens research and design times for the development of a new shopping cart by more than 2 hours with the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions powered by CADENAS.

MAN Truck & Bus AG

By means of PARTsolutions by CADENAS all parts including complex geometries are traceable across different system and locations of the MAN Truck [&] Bus AG

SMS group

SMS group avoids duplicates and offers the best possible data quality through PARTsolutions.

Starlinger & Co. GmbH

High reuse of parts in the product development process based on PARTsolutions.

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The Strategic Parts Management

Sustainable cost reduction of standard-, supplier- and company parts for engineers and purchasers.


Finding instead of searching

Find standard-, supplier- and company parts in a simple and fast way with CADENAS’ intelligent search methods.



Our solution meets the highest requirements from Microsoft and has been successfully certified for Windows 10.


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The CIO Review Magazin awarded CADENAS as one of the ten most promising „engineering design solution providers”.