We almost exclusively use parts and components whose 3D CAD models we are able to find in the parts management system PARTsolutions. This is the selection and integration criteria for us, as long as we don’t have required specifications from our customers.
Thomas Nett,
Manager of Engineering/Labs at conntronic GmbH

Standard- & supplier parts

Many renowned catalogs are available – Trend is growing!

CADENAS PARTsolutions offers engineers direct access to more than 700
certified CAD parts catalogs of major international manufacturers.

Number of certified 3D CAD catalogs for standard parts & supplier parts of renowned manufacturers

The intelligent 3D CAD models of standard parts and supplier parts can be directly imported into the CAD system in the corresponding format and thus accelerate the engineering process.

Ideal master data for your system

The comprehensive standard- and supplier parts library of the Strategic Parts Management supplements your data base with detailed parts information.

CADENAS´ 3D CAD catalog with standard parts and supplier aprts of renowned manufacturers

This ensures perfectly organized files indicating the right manufacturer and ordering number. Thus unnecessary time spent on searching for parts is cut down considerably.

Overview of catalogs available

In all important languages

CADENAS PARTsolutions and the standard- and supplier parts catalogs of international manufacturers are available in all important languages.

This way Strategic Parts Management supports the global business of your company.

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