A four-act Story

The innovative tradeshow strategy for more attention

CADENAS` Electronic Product Catalog supports you in making your tradeshow presentation an unforgettable experience.

And this is how a tradeshow presentation works, straight out of the books:

1. Conversation starter

Start a conversation with the Wii controllerWith a flat screen monitor and a Wii remote control at your tradeshow booth, you can show your products virtually in 3D.

Passing tradeshow visitors will be curious about your booth and stop by to inspect.

Let the interested party get a feel for controlling 3D models within your Electronic Product Catalog by allowing them to use the Wii remote control.

This not only ensures interest in your booth, but is a good conversation starter for you to introduce your products and launch into a sales pitch!

2. Fascinate with Infotainment

Convince with infotainment and 3D glasses In order to not only have informative, but also entertaining products, hand interested visitors a pair of 3D glasses.

Real, almost touchable part images will certainly impress your tradeshow booth visitors.

As a give-away, the glasses, marked with the web address, also ensure that the interested parties can find your 3D CAD product catalog online again after the tradeshow.

3. Build a bridge between paper and digital

Build a bridge between paper and digital with the Augmented Reality Flyer

Conventional product flyers nowadays rarely peak interest.

Therefore, you should impress your tradeshow visitors with the innovative product flyer of the Augmented Reality, which allows everyone to dip into virtual reality.

With the required marker points, your flyer delights with overlaid 3D CAD models of the Augmented Reality.

4. Follow-up without delay

Follow-up with Quick Response Codes

You probably already succeeded in delighting your tradeshow booth visitors.

To make sure these visitors remember your products, show the interested parties how simple it is to reach your 3D catalog.

With a Smartphone and the Quick Response Code on your products, visitors may easily access your components. Ask for a business card or e-mail address and send them the link to your Electronic Product Catalog as a result of the mobile search.