Classification & Master data

Clean master data are essential for ensuring the competitivness of a business. Nevertheless there is still a great backlog demand concerning the quality of parts master data in many companies.

Incorrect material master data cause high costs and have a negative impact on the sustainability of your business. Reasons for this are, inter alia, timeconsuming searches for the necessary parts and high costs for creating new parts data or taking care of duplicate copies.

(see also Which costs do newly created part files cause?)

Error ratio of material master data

How high do German companies estimate the error ratio of material master data? (Amount of duplicate copies, incorrect classification, incomprehensible material texts, etc.)

Clean up material master data & classification

Reasons for the poor quality of material master data

There are many causes for the poor quality of material master data:

  • Processes, rules and responsibilities for creating master data files are not uniquely defined

  • Existing software solutions do not allow automatic data maintenance

  • Data has to be maintained in different data sources

  • Employees lack sensitivity for the necessity of clean master data

Adjusted & classified master data with CADENAS

In combination with PARTwarehouse the geometric similarity search GEOsearch supports companies in finding assemblies and effectively cleansing chaotic part master files.

Our services related to classification & master data:

  • Cleansing of duplicate copies and master data files

  • Creating and updating master data

  • Consolidation of parts and suppliers

  • External standardization department (Outsourcing) for classification and
    creation of catalog/repetitive parts

  • eCl@ss introductory and implementation counselling

  • Classification of parts and assemblies as well as master data according eC@ss

  • Import and transfer of the eCl@ss classification to SAP